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An Improved Analog Phase Shifter

T. E. Daughters
Journal / Anthology

AT&T Bell Laboratories Technical Memorandum
Year: 1990

Conventional analog phase shifter designs use quadrature hybrids with two identical varactor diode networks to provide a continuously variable phase shift with voltage. These designs are usually limited to phase shift ranges of less than 180 degrees unless a hyperabrupt junction varactor is used. If a linear phase shift with voltage is desired, the required large inductors and small capacitance varactors make the design difficult to realize and sensitive to element value tolerance. A new type of phase shifter has been developed that uses lumped elements instead of the quadrature hybrid. The new design has many advantages over the conventional approach which include smaller size, practical element values with reasonable tolerances, and a large phase shift range without the need for hyperabrupt junction varactors. The theory of the new design is presented along with a detailed design procedure and several design examples.

*Engineering > Electrical Engineering