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Application of Programme Package Mathematica in Analysis of Asynchronous Starting of Synchronous Motors

Z. Stajic
D. Petrovic
D. Tasic
D. Vukic
Journal / Anthology

Year: 1996
Volume: 49
Issue: 3
Page range: 14-19

The paper presents an efficient approach to the analysis of asynchronous starting of synchronous motors, based on the utilization of the programme package Mathematica. The application of this programme package has proved to provide a very simple solution of a large number of problems referring to mathematical modeling of complex systems. The efficiency of the proposed approach is shown on an adequate test example. Analyses were made of cases of asynchronous starting of synchronous motor when it is connected to the constant voltage network: a) directly, b) by autotransformer and power cable.

*Engineering > Electrical Engineering