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Fluid Moment Models for Landau Damping with Application to the Ion-Temperature-Gradient Instability

G. Hammett
F. Perkins
Journal / Anthology

Physical Review Letters
Year: 1990
Volume: 64
Issue: 25
Page range: 3019-3022

A closed set of fluid moment equations is developed which represents kinetic Landau damping physics and which takes a simple form in wave-number space. The linear-response function corresponds to a three-pole (or four-pole) approximation to the plasma dispersion function Z. Alternatively, the response is exact for a distribution function which is close to Maxwellian, but which decreases asymptotically as 1/v4 (or 1/v6). Among other applications, these equations should be useful for nonlinear studies of turbulence driven by the ion-temperature-gradient instability or other drift-wave microinstabilities.

*Science > Physics > Fluid Mechanics