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Laplace Flow Near an Ellipsoidal Conductor

M. Trefry
L. Townley
Journal / Anthology

Computers in Physics
Year: 1998
Volume: 12
Issue: 5
Page range: 503-511

An existing algebraic solution to Laplace's equation for the steady three-dimensional temperature distribution around an ellipsoid embedded in a uniform, isotropic medium is used to study the characteristics of porous/permeable media flow near a variety of objects. Symbolic-computation techniques are used to derive new closed-form algebraic expressions for flow potentials near general ellipsoids. These expressions are used to derive simple algebraic results for various degenerate and limiting cases. Flow paths are calculated using numerical particle-tracking techniques, defining capture and release zones for the embedded objects. The application and relevance of these results to the flow of groundwater near shallow lakes are discussed, and possibilities for future work are noted.

*Science > Physics > Fluid Mechanics