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Interactive Signal Processing Documents

Malcolm Slaney
Organization: Apple Computer
Department: Perception Group -- Advanced Technology Group
Journal / Anthology

IEEE ASSP Magazine
Year: 1990
Issue: April
Page range: 8-19

Mathematica exemplifies many of the desibarble characteristics of a system for research in signal processing. Such a system is a powerful tool for research and development nd an effective teaching tool. Not only is Mathematica an example of a tool for symbolic mthematics, but it includes elements of hypermedia, interctive modeling, and literate programming to make it a powerful aid for learning. ... This article will first review tools for signal processing. It will then describe the desirable features of a tool for signal processing. Some of the needs are met by Mathematica and other software while other needs are not. This article is illustrated with two figures that show Mathematica in use. The first example shows features of Mathematica. The second example shos how Mathematica can be used for signal processing research.

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