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Analysis of the Modal Behavior of an Antiguide Diode Laser Array with Talbot Filter

P. van Eijk
M. Reglat
G. Vassilieff
G. J. Krijnen
A. Driessen
A. J. Mouthaan
Journal / Anthology

Journal of Lightwave Technology
Year: 1991
Volume: 9
Issue: 5
Page range: 629-634

An analysis of the filtering of the array modes in a resonant optical waveguide (ROW) array of antiguides by a diffractive spatial filter, a so-called Talbot filter, is presented. A dispersion relation is derived for the array modes enabling the calculation of the field distribution. The filtering is analyzed by calculating the field propagation of each array mode in an array structure with a Talbot filter by means of the beam-propagation method. It is shown that in the presented array structure only the resonant in-phase mode will last.

*Science > Physics > Optics