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A Simplified Model Describing Enhanced Growth Rates During Vapor Phase Selective Epitaxy

M. Zybura
S. Jones
Journal / Anthology

Journal of Electronic Materials
Year: 1994
Volume: 23
Issue: 10
Page range: 1055-1059

Nonuniform and enhanced growth rates due to gas-phase diffusion are calculated for vapor phase selective epitaxy. By solving Laplace's equation above a partially masked growth substrate, the effects of gas phase diffusion on vapor phase selective epitaxy are considered. Surface features having a single dielectric masking stripe or series of periodically spaced masking stripes are analyzed. Closed form expressions are given for reactant concentrations and enhanced growth rates away from the edge of a large single masking stripe, and similar calculations are made for the case of repetitive masking stripes. These calculations compare favorably with low pressure organometallic vapor phase selective epitaxy of GaAs and InAs on SiO2 masked GaAs substrates. Key words: Growth rates, modeling, vapor phase selective epitaxy

*Engineering > Electrical Engineering