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Using Mathematica to Explore the Behaviour of Phase-Locked Loops

Richard A. Clement
Organization: Visual Sciences Unit, Institute of Child Health, University College London
M. Muldoon
D. Broomhead
P. D. Smith
S. M. Booker
P. Brennan
R. Bullock
Journal / Anthology

IEE Colloquium on the Use of Systems Analysis and Modelling Tools: Experiences and Applications
Year: 1998
Page range: 4/1-4/6

The motivation for out project was to gain a better understanding of the nonlinear behaviour of the Phase-Locked Loop (PLL) circuit. The existence of chaos in an ordinary PLL circuit being used for frequency demodulation was demonstrated over a decade ago [1], and in this presentation some of the previous results and recent developments will be demonstrated using Mathematica.

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