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Closed-Form Mueller Scattering Matrix for a Random Ensemble of Long, Thin Cylinders

Y. Shi
William Martin McClain
Organization: Wayne State University
Department: Department of Chemistry
Journal / Anthology

Journal of Chemical Physics
Year: 1993
Volume: 98
Issue: 2
Page range: 1695-1711

We present a closed-form solution to the problem of elastic light scattering by a randomly oriented ensemble of cylinders of finite length. All the Mueller scattering matrix elements are calculated, so the solution is complete in the sense that all possible polarization effects are treated. The cylinders are assumed to be made of an isotropic material, which may be transparent or absorbing. Cylinder radius a and length L must obey a < lambdamed/2 < L, where lambdamed is the wavelength in the supporting fluid medium. Our solution includes all the multipole effect due to the length of the cylinder, as well as all interal reflections at the boundary between the cylinder and the supporting medium. Nonzero values of the retardation elements M34 and M43 my be caused either by retardative internal reflections, or by absorption, or both. These elements are easily observable in experiments on scattering by rod-like viruses, but are completely missing in theories that ignore retardative contributions to the scattered amplitude. The curve M34(Theta) is affected strongly in distinct ways by rod length, by index of refraction, and by absorptivity.

*Science > Physics > Optics