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Cellular Automata Explorations: Driven Diffusion of Two Species

Richard J. Gaylord
Organization: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Department: Department of Material Science and Engineering
Kazume Nishidate
Organization: Iwate University
Department: Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Journal / Anthology

Mathematica in Education and Research
Year: 1997
Volume: 6
Issue: 2
Page range: 37-42

The random motion of the particles in a two-species system in the presence of an external field, originally proposed as a model of certain kinds of materials known as superionic conductors, fast ion conductors, super ionic solids, or solid electrolytes, shows rather interesting steady-state, non-equilibrium behavior. In this “driven diffusive” system, the external field biases the movement of each species in opposite directions, and an order-disorder transition occurs as a function of density. We develop here a CA model of the driven diffusion of two species.

*Mathematics > Discrete Mathematics > Cellular Automata
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