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Induced Einstein-Kalb-Ramond Theory in Four Dimensions

W. Kao
Journal / Anthology

Physical Review D
Year: 1992
Volume: 46
Issue: 12
Page range: 5421-5428

We analyze a four-dimensional induced Einstein-Kalb-Ramond theory with a conformally coupled Kalb-Ramond action. We also comment on an Ansatz which is inconsistent with the assumption of maximal form invariance imposed on the Kalb-Ramond field due to the cosmological principle. It is argued that the spatial dependencies of various fields considered here are inconsistent with the Friedmann-Robertson-Walker metric. One hence justifies the Ansatz used in many articles. We also show that the contribution from the Kalb-Ramond action is negligible effectively after the inflationary era. Some of the solutions to the field equations are presented.

*Science > Physics > Astrophysics