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MSSM Radiative Contributions to the WWg and WWZ Form Factors

A. Arhrib
J. Kneur
G. Moultaka
Journal / Anthology

Physics Letters B
Year: 1996
Volume: 376
Page range: 127-135

We calculate one-loop contributions to the C- and P-conserving WWg, WWZ form factors in the MSSM, and in a more constrained SUGRA-GUT. A systematic search of maximal effects in the available parameter space shows that MSSM contributions, at LEP2 energy, can hardly reach the border of the most optimistic accuracy expected on those couplings, even for particles close to their production thresholds. At NLC energies, the effects are more comfortably of the order of the expected sensitivity, and may therefore provide useful information on MSSM parameter values which will not be available from direct particle production. We also discuss briefly some variance with other studies.

*Science > Physics > Quantum Physics