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A Teacher's Exploration of Personal Computer Animation for the Mathematics Classroom

E. Kaljumagi
Journal / Anthology

Journal of Computers in the Mathematics and Science Teaching
Year: 1992
Volume: 11
Issue: 3/4
Page range: 369-376

Animations can be used to demonstrate many mathematical concepts that are difficult to explain verbally or to show with static pictures. This paper is the result of a preliminary investigation into the feasibility of teachers constructing their own animations for the mathematics classroom using readily available computer animation tools. The subject is related via an account of the author's explorations into the construction of a variety of educational animations using two sample programs, AniST and Mathematica. Availability and price of animation software, the equipment needed to run such programs, and the difficulty of learning both sample programs are discussed. From this investigation, it is concluded that computer animations have the potential to become a practical and powerful tool in the teaching of mathematics. The realization of this potential appears to be dependent on the educational benefit to the student compared with other modes of instruction.