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An Evaluation of the Edge Solution for a Higher-Order Laminated Plate Theory

M. Karama
M. Touratier
A. Idlbi
Journal / Anthology

Composite Structures
Year: 1993
Volume: 25
Page range: 495-502

An analytical study was conducted to determine the edge effects upon a higher-order laminated plate theory due to Touratier (Int. J. Engng Sci., 29 (1991) 911-16). The problem considered is a sandwich plate simply supported along two opposite edges and clamped along its two others. The plate is loaded in statics by a pressure upon its top surface and the load is 'sinusoidal-uniform'. Results are presented for the transverse displacement and the stresses, using the theories of Kirchhoff-Love, Touratier and three-dimensional finite element computations. The results indicate clearly the importance of including transverse shear effects. Analytical calculations from the higher-order plate theory are in good agreement with three-dimensional finite element computations. Near to the clamped edges of the sandwich plate, a particular effect is shown upon the in-plane stresses, i.e. the Kirchhoff-Love theory.

*Engineering > Mechanical and Structural Engineering