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Swimmable Humanoid Robot

T. Ikeda
M. Miyazi
Journal / Anthology

Proceedings of the 24th Annual Conference IECON
Year: 1998
Volume: 2
Page range: 1164-1169

A prototype of the humanoid robot which can swim in butterfly strokes has been constructed for use in place of artificial legs in water. After drawing a stick picture of swimming, by a professional swimmer, robot control functions were defined by mathematical expressions. In accordance with the determined robot control functions, the propelling speed, defined by the distance per stroke, was measured to be 0.25 meter/stroke. The hardware of the swimmable humanoid robot was constructed using three stepping motors, electronic circuits, and a microprocessor. Mathematica was used to control the processor. During the swimming in a distance of 5 strokes, the center of gravity (COG) was shifted and however it was as small as within 0.02 meter in the vertical direction. This prototype was 0.45X0.12X0.06(m^3) in size. The size of the robot can be extended if used as a man-machine interface. This type of robot is considered to be useful for the handicapped personnel to do some works within or on water.

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