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Interval Arithmetic in Mathematica

Jerry B. Keiper
Organization: Wolfram Research, Inc.
Journal / Anthology

The Mathematica Journal
Year: 1995
Volume: 5
Issue: 2
Page range: 66-71

The use of interval methods to solve numerical problems has been very limited. Some of the reasons for this are the lack of easy access to software and the lack of knowledge of the potential benefits. Until numerical analysts and others become generally familiar with interval methods, their use will remain limited. Mathematica is one way to educate potential users regarding the usefulness of interval methods.

This paper examines some of the ways that intervals can be used in Mathematica. In addition to exact arithmetic (i.e., integers and rational numbers) and machine-precision floating-point arithmetic, it has high-precision floating-point arithmetic and interval arithmetic. The tutorial notebook IntervalArithmetic.nb (IntervalArithmetic.ma for Mathematica 2.2) discusses concepts involved in range and interval arithmetic.

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Documentation, Tutorial, interval arithmetic, range arithmetic, precision, interval root finding, bisection, newton's method, multidimensional bisection, IntervalArithmetic.nb, IntervalArithmetic.ma
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