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Free Vibration of a Fluid-Filled Circular Cylindrical Shell with Lumped Masses Attached, Using the Receptance Method

M. Amabili
Journal / Anthology

Journal of Shock and Vibration
Year: 1996
Volume: 3
Issue: 3
Page range: 159-167

The receptance method is applied to the analytical study of the free vibrations of a simply supported circular cylindrical shell that is either empty or filled with an inviscid, incompressible fluid and with lumped masses attached at arbitrary positions. The receptance of the fluid-filled shell is obtained using the added virtual mass approach to model the fluid-structure interaction. The starting data for the computations is the modal properties of the cylinder that can be obtained using any theory of shells. Numerical results are obtained as roots of the frequency equation and also by considering the trivial solution. They are compared to data obtained by experimental modal analysis performed on a stainless steel tank, empty, or filled with water, with a lead mass attached.

*Science > Physics > Fluid Mechanics