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A New Empirical Nonlinear Model for HEMT and MESFET Devices

I. Angelov
H. Zirath
N. Rorsman
Journal / Anthology

IEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques
Year: 1992
Volume: 40
Issue: 12
Page range: 2258-2266

A new large signal model for HEMT's and MESFET's, capable of modeling the current-voltage characteristic and its derivatives, including the characteristic transconductance peak, gate-source and gate-drain capacitances is described. Model parameter extraction is straightforward and is demonstrated for different submicron gate-length HEMT devices including different delta-doped pseudomorphic HEMTs on MESFET. Measured and modeled dc and S-parameters are compared and found to coincide well.

*Engineering > Electrical Engineering