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Program Announcements: Crystals, Gamma Algebra, and More

A. Zeichick
Journal / Anthology

The Mathematica Journal
Year: 1992
Volume: 2
Issue: 2
Page range: 12-13

GaAs(110) Crystal Structure Package by Alastair McLean Tracer: Gamma Algebra in Arbitrary Dimensions by Matthias Jamin and Markus Lautenbacher MathTensor, Version 2.0 by MathSolutions, Inc.; The Mathematica Help Stack, Version 2 by Variable Symbols, Inc.

Announcement of new Mathematica packages for solid-state crystallography, gamma algebra, tensor analysis, and a new version of the Mathematica Help Stack for HyperCard.

*Mathematics > Calculus and Analysis > Differential Geometry
*Science > Physics > Crystallography
*Science > Physics > Nuclear and Particle Physics
*Science > Physics > Quantum Physics
*Science > Physics > Solid State Physics
*Wolfram Technology > Application Packages > Applications from Independent Developers > MathTensor