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A Trivariate Distribution for the Height, Weight, and Fat of Adult Men

D. E. Burmaster
D. M. Murray
Journal / Anthology

submitted to Risk Analysis
Year: 1997

Using exploratory data analysis, probability plots, scatterplots, and computer animations to rotate and visualize the data, we fit a trivariate Normal distribution to data for the height, the natural logarithm of body weight, and the body fat for 646 men between the ages of 50 and 80 years as reported by the medical staff of the US Veterans Administration's “Normative Aging Study” in Boston, MA. Although these data do not include any children, women, or young men, the measurements represented the best data that we could find through a 4-year search. We believe that these data are well measured and reliable for men in the specified age range and that these reveal an interesting statistical pattern for use in probabilistic PBPK models.

*Mathematics > Probability and Statistics