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MathScript, Internet Connection to Mathematica

T. Compton
Journal / Anthology

Computing in Science & Engineering
Year: 1999
Volume: 1
Issue: 1
Page range: 92-95

Like many people, after having spent a lot of time developing an area of interest, I looked around for a way to share the results of my work with others. The web is a natural medium for this. However, I created functions in Mathematica, a technical computing language with extensive numerical, graphic, and symbolic capabilities. This made the functions, until now, available only to other Mathematica users. Compounding the problem was my target audience: a narrow selection of people around the world with an interest in cycling, few of whom would have a Mathematica license. I could rewrite the functions in C code, but did not relish that thought. As luck would have it, while investigating alternatives with Wolfram Research, I was referred to the developer of one of their new products, MathScript. It solved my problem.

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