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Seidel Aberration Coefficients for Radial Gradient-Index Lenses

F. Bociort
J. Kross
Journal / Anthology

Journal of the Optical Society of America
Year: 1994
Volume: 11
Issue: 10
Page range: 2647-2656

Short and accurate analytic formulas for the Seidel coefficients of gradient-index lenses with arbitrary radial refractive-index distributions have been obtained. Starting from analytic ray-tracing formulas, we have developed a technique for decomposing the two components of the transverse aberration of an arbitrary skew ray in surface and inhomogeneous transfer contributions and a technique for shortening the large expressions for the third-order terms resulting from the transfer contributions. Unlike previously known derivation methods, our method delivers simple algebraic expressions for all Seidel coefficients.

*Science > Physics > Optics