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Solution of Nonlinear Problems in Applied Sciences by Generalized Collocation Methods and Mathematica

Nicola Bellomo
E. De Angelis
L. Graziano
Antonio Romano
Journal / Anthology

Computers and Mathematics with Applications
Year: 2001
Volume: 41
Issue: 10-11
Page range: 1343-1363

This paper deals with the developments of mathematical methods for the discretization of continuous models and the solution of nonlinear problems of interest in applied sciences. The contents reder to developments of the differential quadrature method which leads to the so-called generalized collocation methods. The method is developed and applied to the solution of initial-boundary value problems. The computational problems are technically solved with Mathematica.

*Applied Mathematics > Numerical Methods

nonlinear problems, nonlinear sciences, evolution equations, sinc functions, collocation, interpolation, spectral methods