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Plane Stokes Flows with Time-Dependent Free Boundaries in which the Fluid Occupies a Doubly-Connected Region

S. Richardson
Journal / Anthology

European Journal of Applied Mathematics
Year: 2000
Volume: 11
Page range: 249-269

Consider the two-dimensional quasi-steady Stokes flow of an incompressible Newtonian fluid occupying a time-dependent region bounded by free surfaces, the motion being driven solely by a constant surface tension acting at the free boundaries. When the fluid region is simply-connected, it is known that this Stokes flow problem is closely related to a Hele-Shaw free boundary problem when the zero-surface-tension model is employed. Specifically, if the initial configuration for the Stokes flow problem can be produced by injection at N points into an empty Hele-Shaw cell, then so can all later configurations. Moreover, there are N invariants; while the N points at which injection must take place move, the amount to be injected at each of these points remains the same. In this paper, we consider the situation when the fluid region is doubly-connected and show that, provided the geometry has an appropriate rotational symmetry, the same results continue to hold and can be exploited to determine the solution of the Stokes flow problem.

*Science > Physics > Fluid Mechanics