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Application of computer-algebra simulation (CALS) in industry

Stefan Braun
Organization: Ingenieurbüro Stefan Braun
Journal / Anthology

Mathematics & Computers in Simulation
Year: 2000
Volume: 53
Issue: 4-6
Page range: 249-257

This paper treats the industrial application of computer-algebra simulation (CALS). CALS is a combination of symbolic and numeric methods, which is very well suited for efficient solving of complex problems. Because it is an innovative "hybrid" technique, completely new ways open up for approaching practical problems. The basis of CALS are mathematical models reproducing reality in sufficient detail, so that CALS is independent of any specific field. Based on Mathematica, it is outlined how this method can be brought to bear on real-life problems. (0 References).

*Applied Mathematics

computer-algebra simulation, industrial application, hybrid technique