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The Impact of BioCalc on Life Sciences Undergraduates at UIUC

S. Fahrbach
C. Washburn
N. Lowery
Journal / Anthology

Report prepared for the Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Year: 2001

This report contains an assessment fo BioCalc MATH 120 at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign conducted in 2001 by the UIUC Hughes Program staff. This report provides the following information about BioCalc at UIUC:
  • Role of MATH 120 in undergraduate biology options
  • Background and history
  • Method of assessment
The results of our evaluation demonstrate the following:
  • The Biocalc option is equally attractive to all life sciences students requires to take MATH 120. No life sciences option is over- or underrepresented.
  • BioCalc students receive higher grades in MATH 120 than non-BioCalc students.
  • BioCalc students are as well-prepared for MATH 130 as non-BioCalc students, as judged by grades obtained in MATH 130.
  • BioCalc students are significantly more likely to take an additional math course than non-BioCalc students.
  • BioCalc students are slightly more likely to remain in a biological science major than non-BioCalc students.
  • CalcPrime successfully prepares students who do not place into MATH 120 for BioCalc.

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