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A Stochastic Cellular Automata Model for Neutron Transport

M. Gaeta
B. Nassersharif
Journal / Anthology

Nuclear Science and Engineering
Year: 1993
Volume: 113
Page range: 56-69

The development of a parallel stochastic cellular automata model for neutron transport is presented. The model is derived from neutron physics and is implemented on a 2048 processor single-instruction multiple-data architecture MasPar computer. Purely absorbing and purely fissioning one-dimensional benchmarks are performed against analytical solutions. Favorable results from these two benchmarks motivated the performance of three other test cases. Results for a two-dimensional scattering-absorbing case and a one-dimensional time-dependent case compared fairly well qualitatively with literature results. Also, results from a one-dimensional, two-group case compared somewhat favorably, but the scheme used was deemed not efficient enough without modification.

*Science > Physics > Nuclear and Particle Physics