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Deconvolution of Rescattering and Target Length Effects

J. Ryan
Journal / Anthology

Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research
Year: 1993
Volume: A
Issue: 336
Page range: 552-566

I have investigated a technique for quantifying effects of rescattering on final state hadron distributions. I first conduct the formalism to convolute an ideal distribution by some amount of rescattering, and then I conduct the inverse formalism to deconvolute a final distribution back to an ideal distribution. This latter technique can be used to extrapolate to zero target thickness in situations where the target length effects of rescattering are important. These techniques can also be employed to investigate the effects of nuclear targets on the final state distributions. Much of the formalism involves the use of an ideal distribution parameterized by the characteristic Feynman-field form.

*Science > Physics > Nuclear and Particle Physics