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Efficient Image Theory for Electromagnetic Field Modelling in PCB

K. Scott
Journal / Anthology

Philips Journal of Research
Year: 1994
Volume: 48
Page range: 37-61

Computing the values of the capacitances for an equivalent circuit model of a PCB is a very CPU-intensive task. The time taken for this is dominated by the time taken to compute the scalar potential due to a particular charge distribution, which is linearly proportional to the number of terms in the image series used to obtain the potentials. This paper describes several possible methods for speeding up the compuatation of scalar potentials by reducing the number of terms required in the image series for a given accuracy. The best of these methods reduced the number of images required by up to a factor of 400 for the particular PCB geometries examined. The improvements are most marked where the original expressions were slowest to converge, which is particularly useful. The fitting procedure described is a once only computation for a particular layer structure, and does not have to be repeated for every simulation run, giving further savings. The results of this work have been incorporated in the program FASTERIX, which is capable of simulating electromagnetic fields for much more complex layouts than other simulators. Key words: CAD, electric potential, electromagnetics, electrostatics, Green's function methods, printed circuits, simulation.

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