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Mathematica 4.1

John A. Wass
Organization: Abbott Laboratories
Journal / Anthology

Biotech Software and Internet Report
Year: 2001
Volume: 2
Issue: 3
Page range: 108-112

For those new to the program, Mathematica is not merely a program for performing mathematical calculations, but a powerful programming language that allows for almost anything from the simplest arithmetic manipulation to the most complex theoretical algorithm. It is of great use to students and scientists/engineers, as well as mathematicians. The original versions presented some obstacles to the nonmathematician/computer specialist, but beginning with version 3, and with the addition of extensive menu items and palettes plus one of the most in-depth help sections available, the user-friendliness has increased greatly. Version 4 added many new routines and user tips, and the latest, 4.1, offers major advances in the symbolic equation solvers, speeds of many functions, sound support, and new standard packages.

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