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A Mathematica Notebook of Relativistic Kinematics Application to B Factories, Elastic Scattering and Bremsstrahlung

Bruno Autin
Organization: MathSoft Overseas
Journal / Anthology

Research report, Lawrence Berkley Laboratory
Year: 1989

Mathematica [1] has raised recently a great interest in the scientific community for its symbolic and graphic facilities. In the context of this notebook, its use in the field of relativistic kinematics has been motivated by studies on B-factories where the variety of possible configurations for the colliding beams requires a systematic general approach. The first part of this paper (sections 2,3,4,5) deals with the coding of general expressions [2] and graphical illustrations. Taking the energy žs available in the center of mass of collision as a scaling parameter, the energy of one beam as a function of the energy of the other beam and the characteristics of the center of mass are derived. The matrix of a Lorentz transformation and the transformation of a 4-vector through several different reference frames are then established. The various commands are listed in an Index at the end of the note. B-factories, elastic scattering and Bremsstrahlung are studied in the second part (sections 6,7,8). The notebook has been written in the Macintosh version of Mathematica and the reader who is not familiar with this version should browse the User Manual and especially the section Cells. Initialization must be performed at the opening. The symbol # denotes the activation of the cell which follows the instruction.

*Science > Physics > Relativity Theory