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The NeXT Computer as Physics Machine

Richard E. Crandall
Organization: Center for Advanced Computation
Journal / Anthology

Computers in Physics
Year: 1990
Volume: 4
Issue: 2
Page range: 132-141

The NeXT Computer is a genuinely iffernt kind of modern workstation. I find on the basis of my own work tht a level of freedom has been injected nto the product: that no longer need the computing machinery be relegated to the limbo of raw numerics and trivial grahics. With the NeXT Computer realistic modeling, theoretical investigations, and laboratory processes all may proceed with impressive efficiency. Previous workstation technology tends not to cover all of the phsics bases: theory, experiment, and modeling. But now we can do useful work in all three areas. This article is cmprised of examples of physics done on the NeXT Computer in this spiit of new technological freedom.

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*Science > Physics