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Using Mathematica to Assist Plasma Stability Analysis

N. Gladd
Journal / Anthology

Conference Record--Abstracts. 1990 IEEE International Conference on Plasma Science (Cat. No. 90CH2857-1)
Year: 1990
Page range: 112

Stephen Wolfram's Mathematica system has been received with much critical acclaim by both the scientific and educational communities. In this paper I describe how this remarkable flexible program can be applied to problems associated with the analysis of plasma instabilities. Specifically, Mathematica techniques are demonstrated for 1) the analytical derivation of linear plasma responses by means of perturbative solutions of partial differential equations (fluid theory), 2) the analytical solution of transcendental dispersion equations (special functions, series, expansions, hierarchies of algebraic systems), 3) parametric analysis of dispersion equation by graphical and numerical methods, 4) the flexible graphical representation of results generated by traditional numerical methods. If conditions permit, Mathematica's capability for graphical animation will be used to illustrate some basic plasma phenomena.

*Science > Physics > Plasma Physics