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The Heat Capacities to Ternary Lanthanum Chlorides AnLaCl3+n from 200 to 770 K and the DCp Values for Their Formation from nACl + LaCl3

G. Reuter
H. Seifert
Journal / Anthology

Thermochimica Acta
Year: 1994
Volume: 237
Page range: 219-228

The heat capacities of the eight existing ternary lanthanum chlorides AnLaCl3+n (A is K, Rb, Cs) and the four binary chlorides ACl and LaCl3 were determined from 200 to 770 K with a power- compensated differential scanning calorimeter. The results are expressed in polynomials Cp=a+bT+cT^2. The measured Cp values were used to form the differences DCp=Cp(AnLaCl3+n)-[nCp(ACl)+Cp(LaCl3)] by either taking the heat capacities for the single compounds or by direct measurements of samples of the ternary chlorides compared with samples f the binary chlorides with the same composition. All the DCp values proved to be zero and thus confirmed findings from e.m.f. measurements in the temperature range 600-850 K, which yielded temerature-independent enthalpies and entropies for the formation of the ternary chlorides from (nACl+LaCl3).

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