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Simulation of Power Electronic Circuits with Principles Used in Wave Digital Filters

A. Fiedler
H. Grotstollen
Journal / Anthology

IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications
Year: 1997
Volume: 33
Issue: 1
Page range: 49-57

Simulation is a well-known technique to study complex systems. This paper introduces a new simulation technique based on the theory of wave digital filters. They are candidates to substitute classical analog filters by digital electronic circuits in signal processing. In addition, they show advantages compared with other classes of digital filters such as fast algorithms and simple models of electric components. Therefore, the theory of wave digital filters is used to build a new simulator for transient simulation. So far, the properties of this simulator permit a fair comparison between the new simulation technique and well-known simulation programs. The new simulator is easily linked to a CAD program to design and optimize switch mode power supplies already in use in industry.

*Engineering > Electrical Engineering