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Probing Quartic Couplings of Weak Bosons through Three Vector Production at a 500 GeV NLC

G. Bélanger
F. Boudjema
Journal / Anthology

Physics Letters B
Year: 1992
Volume: 288
Page range: 201-209

We write down a minimal set of genuine four-coupling operators between vector bosons which have no connection to the standard parametrisation of the trilinear anomalous W couplings. We impose a global weak SU (2) symmetry and, for those operators where photons are involved, a local U(1) sub QED. These requirements are strong enough to forbid or highly suppress any contribution to weak vector boson self-energies. Tests of these couplings are then only possible at high energies. We study the effects of these couplings at the NLC (500 GeV) in all possible three vector boson productions: e+ e- arrow W+ W - gamma, ZZ gamma and Z gamma gamma. We consider the possibility of having polarized beams and point out the usefulness of looking at particular distributions.

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