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Artificial Intelligence: Fuzzy Systems for Control Applications: The Truck Backer-Upper

James A. Freeman
Organization: Artificial Intelligence Lab, Loral Space Information Systems
Journal / Anthology

The Mathematica Journal
Year: 1994
Volume: 4
Issue: 1
Page range: 64-69

In this column, we introduce another tool in the advanced automation toolbox: fuzzy logic. The basis of fuzzy logic lies in the ambiguity in our thinking about concepts such as big, tall, slow, or bright, whose meanings are not only context dependent, but also ambiguous within a particular context. Using fuzzy sets named by these ambiguous linguistic variables, we can build applications that can outperform many of their traditional counterparts. As an example of the application of this technology, we will develop a fuzzy control system that automatically backs up a truck to a specified point on a loading dock.

*Engineering > Control Theory
*Mathematics > Foundations of Mathematics > Logic