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Signal processing with Mathematica: active learning in the engineering classroom

Mariusz Jankowski
Organization: University of Southern Maine
Department: Electrical Engineering
Journal / Anthology

Innovation in Mathematics: Proceedings of the Second International Mathematica Symposium
Year: 1997
Page range: 273-282

In many of the foundational courses in the electrical engineering discipline, a student's lack of adequate mathematical skills is one of the primary barriers to effective learning, and ultimately, successful completion of degree requirements. To compound the problem, the courses are frequently taught using the traditional lecture format. In a number of electrical engineering courses, we have embarked on an experiment to improve learning and deepen understanding of the subject matter by: (i) facilitating active learning, (ii) breaking with the traditional lecture format and (iii) making mathematics more accessible to students. Classes are held in a computer equipped classroom with on-line access to Mathematica. In these sessions, the traditional lecture is frequently replaced by an instructor supervised independent exploration of the subject matter by the student. Electronic courseware based on Mathematica notebooks is under development and a package that extends Mathematica's functionality in the area of digital image processing has been written.

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