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Symbolic Analysis of Switching Power Converters Based on a General Averaging Method

J. Sun
H. Grotstollen
Journal / Anthology

Power Electronics Specialists Conference, PESC 96 Record -- 27th Annual IEEE
Year: 1996
Volume: 1
Page range: 543-549

Symbolic analysis methods for averaged modeling power converters are discussed in this paper. A general averaging method suitable for computer-aided analysis is duscussed first. A symbolic analysis package which uses this averaging method to automatically generate an analytical averaged model for a switching power converter is then described. The package is implemented using the computer algebra system Mathematica and can be applied to DC/DC power converters using different switching techniques, including hard switching PWM, quasi-resonant soft switching, and soft transition. Several examples are provided to demonstrate the applications of the package. Possible further applications of symbolic analysis methods in power electronics are also discussed. Keywords: DC-DC power converters

*Engineering > Electrical Engineering