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Dimension of a Maximum Volume

R. Kreczner
Journal / Anthology

Proceedings of the 7th Annual ICTCM
Year: 1994

With mathematical computer programs becoming every day more powerful and friendlier, we observe their growing influence on the teaching-learning process in the Mathematics. However, the adaptation of these technologies will have a positive impact on education in Mathematics only if we are able to find new problems whose level of difficulty and originality is appropriate to the sophisticated level of present-day software used by the students. While solving such problems, with the aid of computers, we must pay a lot of attention to how the students utilize the empirical data obtained from a computer to support their reasoning. In this process we should emphasize a critical attitude towards these results, and thus introduce the students to the idea of proof as a living and important part of the entire process involved in solving problems. In this article we will present an example of such a problem, which is an interesting continuation of the article [1] presented at the last ICTCM.

*Arts and Humanities > History and Philosophy of Mathematics