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Symbolic Analysis Methods for Averaged Modeling of Switching Power Converters

J. Sun
H. Grotstollen
Journal / Anthology

IEEE Transactiionc of Power Electronics
Year: 1997
Volume: 12
Issue: 3
Page range: 537-546

Symbolic analysis methods for averaged modeling of switching power converters are presented in this paper. A general averaging method suitable for computer-aided modeling is discussed first. Then, a symbolic analysis package that uses this averaging method to automatically generate an analytical averaged model for a switching power converter is described. The package is implemented using the computer algebra system Mathematica and can be used for modeling dc/dc power converters employing different switching techniques, including hard-switching pulse-width modulation (PWM), quasi-resonant soft switching, and soft transition. Several examples are provided to demonstrate the applications of the package. Further applications of symbolic analysis methods in power electronics are also discussed.

*Engineering > Electrical Engineering