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The Biased Reputation Model of DNA Gel Electrophoresis: A User Guide for Constant Field Mobilities

G. Slater
P. Mayer
S. Hubert
G. Drouin
Journal / Anthology

Applied and Theoretical Electrophoresis
Year: 1994
Volume: 4
Page range: 71-79

The biased reptation model of DNA gel electrophoresis is simple enough to allow one to obtain detailed analytical and numerical predictions for experimentally relevant situations. Although it is not always applicable for explaining experimental results, the biased reptation model is usually a good starting point for data analysis. Unfortunately, the model is often reported as being incapable of explaining experimental data because the users have not analyzed the data properly or because they attempted to use the model outside its expected range of applicability. This article presents a detailed practical guide to the model and its limitations, as well as a complete description of its predictions regarding the analysis of constant field mobilities. Key words: reptation theory, gel electrophoresis, DNA, mobility, polyacrylamide gels, agarose gels, data analysis

*Science > Biology