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Visualizing the Physics of Material--Part II

Darrell G. Schlom
Organization: The Pennsylvania State University
Journal / Anthology

Journal of Materials Education
Year: 1997
Volume: 19
Issue: 1/2
Page range: 77-85

An introductory quantum mechanics course for materials science majors has been developed allowing students to visualize the quantum physics underlying atoms, atomic bonding, and the microscopic behavior of materials. Using Mathematica, undergraduate students form a graphical link between equations and their physical significance both inside and outside the classroom. The availability of computerized classroom facilities for visual lectures and visual homework makes this possible. In addition to utilizing quantum mechanics to gain a deeper understanding of numerous devices and the bonding in solids, this course also lays the framework for understanding many materials characterization tools and techniques including the pyrometer, the photomultiplier tube, x-ray diffraction, absorption and emission spectroscopy, XPS, AES, EPMA, XRF, TEM, LEED, and RBS. In Part I of this paper, an overview of the course and several visual examples were presented. Here additional visual examples are given.

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