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Inverse Analysis of a Potential Problem by Symbolic Computational Language

K. Yasutake
Y. Kagawa
Journal / Anthology

Journal of the Japanese Society of Simulation Technology
Year: 1995
Volume: 14
Issue: 4
Page range: 311-319

A potential porblem adn its inverse solution are considered by the Charge Simulation Method (CSM) with a symbolic computation procedure Mathematica. The potential is described as an analytical function of some variables, the size of the field domain, the boundary conditions and the material values. It is shon that an inverse problem of the potential is easily carried out because the symbolic function is analytic. Two examples of the inverse analyses of two-dimensional potential problems are examined. First, a rectangular domain with width 2a is supposed to satisfy the Laplace equation. The inverse problem of finding width 'a' which gives Phi(a) = 0.5 at a certain point in the domain is considered. Second, a coaxial line problem is considered. the inverse problem is to find an optimal inner radius that minimizes the maximum electric field.

*Applied Mathematics
*Engineering > Electrical Engineering