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Artistic Interpretation of Scientific Data

Igor Bakshee
Organization: Wolfram Research, Inc.
Journal / Anthology

Scientific Data Management
Year: 1998
Issue: March
Page range: 24-25

Artlandia, an application for visualization and artistic interpretation of scientific data and algorithms, is of special interest to the readers of Scientific Data Management. Built on top of Mathematica, Artlandia extends Mathematica's graphical capabilities and offers a non-traditional way to explore experimental/simulated data or simply create interesting graphic designs by programmatic means. In fact, Artlandia (or its predecessors) has been used so successfully to compute textile designs and fine arts based on so-called 1/f-fluctuations 1,2, it has also been used to create the images for this cover of Scientific Data Management. In this paper, Igor Bakshee outlines the algorithm he employed to produce the stunning design.

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