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A Mathematica Package for Computing N=2 Superfield Operator Product Expansions

S. Krivonos
K. Thielemans
Journal / Anthology

Classical and Quantum Gravity
Year: 1996
Volume: 13
Page range: 2899-2910

We describe a general purpose Mathematica package for computing superfield operator product expansions (SOPEs) in mermorphic N=2 superconformal field theory. Given the SOPEs for a set of 'basic' superfields, SOPEs of arbitrarily complicated composites can be computed automatically. Normal ordered products are always reduced to a standard form. It is possible to check the Jacobi identities, and to compute Poisson brackets ('classical SOPEs'). We present two explicit examples: a construction of the 'small' N=4 superconformal algebra in terms of N=2 superfields, and a realization of the N=2 superconformal algebra in terms of chiral and antichiral fermionic superfields.

*Science > Physics > Nuclear and Particle Physics