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Analysis of Particle Size Distributions in Mathematica

P. C. Kapur
Journal / Anthology

Instructional Module on Particle Science & Technology, University of Florida
Year: 2000

Particles are all-pervasive in natural phenomena and man-made processes, including many cutting-edge technologies. More solids are processed as particulates than in a bulk form. Particles are invariably distributed in their properties or attributes. Although numerous distributions in one or more attributes are conceivable, distribution in size is the most comon and generally of greatest importance in analysis, characterization, and evaluation of particles and in modeling and otimization of particulate processes. The purpose of this module is to analyze particle size distributions by standard statistical techniques and graphical represenation in a Mathematica environment. The choice of Mathematica is dictated by the fact that it is ideally suited for this purpose, although other mathematical packages may also be used. The focus throughout is on the interpretation of the statistical results, expectations in particular, in terms of physical characteristics and properties of distributed particulate materials.

*Engineering > Chemical Engineering
*Engineering > Materials and Metallurgical Engineering