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Kramers-Kronig Transforms vs. Coherence Function

J.-P. Diard
P. Landaud
J.-M. Le Canut
B. Le Gorrec
C. Montella
Journal / Anthology

Electrochimica Acta
Year: 1994
Volume: 39
Issue: 17
Page range: 2585-2590

Kramers-Kronig transforms, coherence function, electrochemical impedance spectroscopy, impedance measurements

Kramers-Kronig transforms may be used directly to verify the consistency of electrochemical impedance data obtained using the harmonic method, when the system is causal, stable, linear and time invariant, and finite as w -> 0 and w -> infinity. Using Kramers-Kronig transforms is more complicated when one of these conditions is not fulfilled. The coherence function can, on the other hand, always be used to verify the validity of experimental impedance measurements obtained using the stochastic method.

*Science > Chemistry
*Science > Physics > Electromagnetism