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Insertion Device Calculations with Mathematica

R. Carr
S. Lidia
Journal / Anthology

The Art and Science of Magnet Design (Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory Publication #754)
Volume: 1

The design of accelerator insertion devices such as wigglers and undulators has usually been aided by numerical modeling on digital computers, using code in high level languages like Fortran. In the present era, there are higher level programming environments like IDL, MatLab, and Mathematica in which these calculations may be performed by writing much less code, and in which standard mathematical techniques are very easily used. We present here a suite of standard insertion device modeling routines in Mathematica to illustrate the new techniques. These routines include a simple way to generate magnetic fields using blocks of CSEM materials, trajectory solutions from the Lorentz force equations for given magnetic fields, Bessel function calculations of radiation for wigglers and undulators and general radiation calculations for undulators.

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