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Energy Spectra in Dual-Periodic Multilayer Structures

T. Koda
Tsuyoshi Ueta
Organization: Chiba University
Department: Institute of Media and Information Technology
K. Ohtaka
Ryu Shimada
Organization: Tokyo Institute for Technology, Japan
Journal / Anthology

Journal of the Physical Society of Japan
Year: 1998
Volume: 67
Issue: 10
Page range: 3414-3419

Transmission spectra have been calculated for the dual-periodic multilayers, by means of the transfer matrix method using a model of a sequential square-well type variation of refractive index modulated by a sinusoidal function with a variable periodicity relative to that of the basic multilayer. The calculated energy diagrams are plotted against the phase shift parameter of the latter period. These diagrams exhibit a remarkable feature showing butterfly-like patterns, similar to those in the electron energy diagrams for solid crystals in uniform magnetic fields. It is suggested that the one-dimensional photonic bands in the dual-periodic multilayers are an optical analogue of the electronic energy bands of solids in the quantum magnetic regime.

*Science > Physics > Crystallography

photonic crystal, dual-periodic structure, butterfly diagram, quasi-crystal